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I'm sorry that my dance classes cost too much money. 
I'm sorry that my jokes are never even remotely funny. 
I'm sorry that I laughed when I should have held it in. 
I'm sorry that I've made mistakes and lied and failed and sinned. 
I'm sorry that anxiety has made my eyes get small. 
I'm sorry that my crying seems to drive you up the wall. 
I'm sorry that we're magnets, seemingly both set at south. 
I'm sorry that I'm always letting words flow from my mouth. 
I'm sorry that my fingernails aren't perfect, clean, or straight.
I'm sorry for the things I've said and done and turned in late. 
I'm sorry that my interests aren't things that you like to do.
I'm sorry for not running fast enough away from you. 
Im sorry that my cherry cheeks are always topped with salt. 
I'm sorry for existing, but that's really not my fault.
I'm sorry for wasting precious time when no one will forgive
All the awful things I've caused, as long as I still live. 
My parents fought today and it was my fault
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August 4, 2014
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